Popular Culture

Japan is a country with hundreds of years of history and culture. Among that culture are some that are far from old, rather it is quite new. For example, Japanese video games and Japanese cartoons are still fairly new, not having much in the ways of shaping Japan into the country that it is now. This is what can be considered “popular culture” and Japanese popular culture is gaining popularity both in Japan and across the world. In major Japanese cities, there are many areas where shops selling popular culture related goods congregate, so it’s easy to get one’s hand on these kinds of merchandise.

There’s lots of this new Japanese culture that has been praised all over the world, there is some Japanese popular culture that is rather special. A lot of this praised culture are movies based upon the cartoons produced by the Japanese. Some of these films are so well done that even those with next to no knowledge of Japan can easily enjoy them too.

From the articles listed below, you can learn about what this Japanese popular culture actually is. I hope that you can understand how Japanese culture has changed over the years and what is currently popular.

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