伊邪那岐命 (izanagi-no-mikoto) and 伊邪那美命 (izanami-no-mikoto) were two gods sent out to create lands to live in. From above, they were given the 天の沼矛 (ame-no-nu-boko) spear, which, while standing on the 天の浮橋 (ame-no-uki-hashi) bridge, they drove into the ocean, causing drops of saltwater to drip from the tip of the blade. These drops formed the island of 於能凝呂島 (onogorojima). 

Izanagi-no-mikoto and Izanami-no-mikoto then descended to the island of Onogorojima, where they built the 天の御柱 (ame-no-mihashira) bridge, from which they stood upon. After agreeing to take form and live as man and wife, they then went on to create a series of islands, the 大八洲 (ōyashima). These eight islands became what is often referred to today as the "Land of the Rising Sun" (Japan).

Japan was said to have been created (as written above) by two gods. Here you can learn about the country that these gods created. Everything from well-known tourist destinations to cities full of history, popular culture to traditional culture, every aspect of Japan can be found here. It doesn’t matter what era, here you can get an in-depth look at it all.

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